It is rare, in the field of video production, to find a facility that combines creativity with consistency and reliability. When, as a producer, I work with Wayne Dickson at Spectrum Post I have every confidence that I can meet a client’s educational requirements in an entertaining, engaging and, most importantly, cost effective manner.

Paul Buckingham – Class One Productions


Red Hammer have been working with Wayne and Spectrum Post now for over 4 years. There’s a number of reasons we’ve stayed with them for virtually all of our post-production work. They always apply highly creative solutions to solve editing problems, they’re very reliable and will often work late to adhere to a deadline. But most importantly, they’re very knowledgeable, and therefore helpful, on their subject  and have definitely been one of the key players who have helped Red Hammer grow.

James Roberts – Red Hammer


My first encounter with Wayne Dickson was while working at TVSN (Television Shopping Network). I was a presenter and he an editor. I was always fascinated by his ability as an editor and the speed at which he managed to make still and video images come to life. He can take the simplest of vision and make into almost anything, which of course, is what you need an editor to be able to do. Since leaving TVSN but still working in media, I have had several opportunities to use Wayne’s services for both clients work and my own.

His skill and expertise I am pleased to say are not only just as good, but better. In the process of working for himself where he isn’t restricted to the whims and requests of managers and producers, he has simply excelled. He has edited commercials, vignettes, promos and pilots for me for website and TV broadcast. I couldn’t be happier with his abilities, creativity and speed with which he works. I cannot recommend him highly enough and would be happy to answer any questions about his work that anyone may have.

Victoria Hansen – Food Educator, TV and Radio Producer and Presenter.


Spectrum Post have been working with us for many years now and we always find them to be professional, reliable and very cost effective. Their ability to come up with creative and engaging executions of our many briefs, to strict deadline, is very important to our workflow and one of the main reasons we continue to use them year after year.

Tibor Komlos – IB Productions (Infobreak)


Wayne Dickson and I have known each other professionally for over fifteen years. My company Amazon Entertainment produces, documentaries, television series, and music videos and Wayne Dickson at Spectrum Post has cut them all. Wayne offers a unique skills base combined with creative flair and the ability to work quickly without that ever impeding the quality of the production in fact its a plus. Wayne always knows what looks great and he knows how to achieve it. If your looking for a friendly cost effective post house look no further than Spectrum.

Aaran Creece – Amazon Entertainment


I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone as his work is just superb.  He is an absolute pleasure to work with and delivers on time and on budget. I have had so many positive comments about our web site since Wayne redesigned the whole look, and even had one of my competitors call me to ask who had designed my print advertising as they were so impressed!

Mark Pickett – Director, Art of Beauty Australia